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Sports Betting Bonuses for Singaporeans

Sportsbook betting bonuses vary from company to company this will help you understand how the bonuses tend to work.  First, understand that these bonuses and free bets are intended to reward your play.  Sportsbooks want you to play.  They honestly don’t care if you win bets or lose bets, they want you to bet.   They make money when people bet regardless whether an individual person wins or loses.  Remember, the sportsbook is actually just acting as a balancing service between all parties betting on the same event.  Proceeds from losing wagers are essentially used to cover the bets of the winners.  So, sportsbook bonuses are structured to encourage your play, your bets.

So, knowing this, know that the bonuses are never simply free money as if you could sign up and all of a sudden you have X amount in your betting account available to withdraw as cash.  No matter what kind of bonus on offer, there will be a rollover or play-through requirement, where you will need to place bets up to a certain value, within a certain amount of time.  These are all outline within the terms and conditions of the given company.  Know that these requirements do not stipulate lost bets,  but merely placed bets - they want you to play.

The last thing of note to mention is the difference between a deposit bonus and free bets.  A deposit bonus is usually simpler.  You would deposit X amount in to your account for the first time.  After a certain amount of placed bets, you’d be free to withdraw the bonus as cash.  With free bet offers, you essentially get the opportunity to place wagers with free credits.  If you win any of the bets you would keep the profit of the bet, but the stake value stays with the sportsbook.  So for example if you had a $100 free bet and placed it on a result at decimal odds of 1.50 (1/2), the profit of that bet would be $50.  The play-through or rollover requirements would also apply before withdrawal of this profit could take place.

Singapore Online Betting Bonuses

Intertops offers three bonuses, one up to $200 with an excellent online sportsbook experience.  Established in 1983 and online since 1996, Intertops has a brand new fluid design layout so you may use your entire screen and offers great free bet promotions.  Read Intertops Singapore review.

BetOnline.ag offers up to $1,000 in free bets.  They have been operating since 1991, and are one of the few sportsbooks that allow you to securely connect by downloading their betting client software as opposed to through your Internet browser.  Read BetOnline.ag Singapore review.

SportsBetting.ag is run by the same folks as BetOnline.ag above.  So you get the same $1,000 free bets offer.  The main difference is that with SportsBetting.ag, you can use your internet browser to bet instead of downloading software.  Read SportsBetting.ag Singapore review.

The best online sports betting bonuses for Singaporeans

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