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As a person living in Singapore, it is natural that you would hope to wager on sports in your native currency so as to avoid currency exchange fees when moving funds to and from your sportsbook account.  Currency exchange fees generally cost 3% to 5% of the balance being transferred. Unfortunately, people generally do not see this fee or loss because it is hidden in the exchange rate.  

This is how it is hidden:  Whichever company makes the exchange, this could be the e-wallet provider, credit card company or even the sportsbook - they pay one price for the currency that will be provided to you, and you of course pay a marked-up price.  You never see this markup, you just see the exchange rate that you paid.  You don’t see that the first exchange rate was far better than your rate.  In the end, your principal amount transferred will have lost 3% to 5% of its value.   

When you choose a sportsbook that offers betting accounts in the Singapore Dollar, you eliminate the need for currency exchange and you will save this 3% to 5% loss every time you make a transaction - both deposits and withdrawals. Interwetten is the only major online bookie that serves Singapore and offers SGD accounts. Interwetten are official betting partners of Wolfsburg and Hoffenhem in the Bundesliga, plus the NHL.  

How the List Was Constructed

Sports betting fans in Singapore deserve to know the best companies in the world with which they should trust their hard-earned stake money.  As such, I reviewed dozens of international sportsbooks looking to find the following criteria:

What it means to offer the SGD as a sportsbook account currency:

Simply put, if a sportsbook company offers your native currency for betting, they value you as an exceptional customer.  One of the main ways that sportsbooks make money is through the currency exchange process described above.  When they offer account balances in your currency, Singapore Dollars, they are forgoing the currency exchange aspect of their business model because they value you as a customer that wants to wager with them.  Due to banking restrictions you will likely need an intermediary banking solution like Skrill or Neteller that exist offshore and add a level of anonymity to your transactions.   

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