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Singapore Online Sports Betting Laws

In Singapore, the term for online betting or online gambling is actually ‘remote gambling’ - meaning that the player is gambling or betting remotely from Singapore with online providers that exist outside of Singapore.  Singapore has recently taken a very strict and tough stance regarding gambling of all remote fashions.  Unfortunately, as described on our main page, Singapore has a significant amount of illegal activity that uses online gambling providers as a method for money laundering.  This has caused the government to take a very harsh stance which does unfairly punish regular Singaporeans that are interested in placing a bet on the match of their choosing.

While it is laudable that the government would want to protect the underage from gambling and try to prevent a rise in problem gambling, most of the reputable brand names that serve the world already have established programs to limit underage betting and provide exclusion programs to protect people vulnerable to addictive behaviour as it pertains to gambling and betting on sporting events.

As a result of this tough attitude toward remote betting and gambling, some top service providers like bet365 have stopped accepting Singaporean registrations.  Were Singapore an open market, assuredly, bet365 would still be serving it and SingaporeSportsBetting.com would certainly have recommended them to you.  However, those services listed below are still in the market for your business and accept your registration.

As someone interested in sports betting, section 8 of the Remote Gambling Bill outlines the potential punishment for being found guilty of remote gambling, that being a fine of up to $5,000 and/or 6 months in prison.  In other words, it is against the law to bet on sports using the Internet as accessed from Singapore.  You may however access these sites lawfully from other jurisdictions.  So if you are based in another jurisdiction in addition to Singapore, simply choose to register yourself in your non-Singapore base.

As the Singapore government continues to crack down on this issue, they will also do their best to remove the ways with which you may bank with your sportsbook of choice.  This won’t likely prevent your play completely, you just likely would not be able to transfer money directly from your Singapore-based bank or Singapore-based credit card directly to the sportsbook company.  You would likely be able to bank with an intermediary like an e-wallet provider like Skrill, or by using a prepaid service like Entropay or Ukash.  

How the List Was Constructed

Sports betting fans in Singapore deserve to know the best companies in the world with which they should trust their hard-earned stake money.  As such, I reviewed dozens of international sportsbooks looking to find the following criteria:

Other review sites list ALL the sites they review because they don’t care where you play.  They just want you to recognize a brand and click-through to start playing.  They even use phoney grades and rank all sites no worse that 4 out of 5 stars.  These rankings are usually based on their commercial relationship with the sportsbook marketing team. I only include sportsbooks in my listings that meet ALL of the above requirements.  All other sites are excluded from the list.  No phoney grades or rankings are displayed.  The list is in alphabetical order, but divided by those with and without SGD accounts.   

Sports Betting and Gambling site Blocking in Singapore

As part of the powers allowed in the Gambling Bill, the Singapore government may choose to block any number of sites that pertain to gambling.  As with any act of prohibition, where there is a will, there is a way.  Some countries in the Middle East have already begun this process of blocking some websites but, mainly certain adult entertainment sites, most gambling sites have not yet been blocked.  But what does it say that Singapore is attempting to follow Middle East tactics of control over their population’s freedoms?  As a result, there are numerous tools to get around this potential blocking of sites, most of which can be found with a simple internet search.

Key Issues of Singapore Betting

Intertops offers an excellent online sportsbook experience.  Established in 1983 and online since 1996, Intertops has a brand new fluid design layout so you may use your entire screen and offers great free bet promotions.  Read Intertops Singapore review.

BetOnline.ag has has been operating since 1991, they are one of the few sportsbooks that allow you to securely connect by downloading their betting client software as opposed to through your Internet browser.  Read BetOnline.ag Singapore review.

SportsBetting.ag is run by the same folks as BetOnline.ag above.  The main difference is that with SportsBetting.ag, you can use your internet browser to bet instead of downloading software.  Read SportsBetting.ag Singapore review.

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